What else does DDA offer? | Dual Diagnosis Anonymous (UK)

What else does DDA offer?

Other services & aspects to what DDA does:

In ‘usual’ times, DDA runs 6 face to face meetings in West London (Ealing, Shepherds Bush, Hillingdon, and Chelsea & Westminster Hospital).

However, since lockdown, DDA UK meetings have gone over to Zoom (4 weekly meetings); and we now have regular attendees from all over London, the UK, Europe and Rest of the World!

Zoom Meetings have projected our fellowship to a far wider audience than we knew possible before – and as a result, we now average over 20 attendees per meeting.

We are also currently running a weekly ‘Step Workshop’, which takes DDA attendees through a study of the 17 Steps of the DDA Fellowship, accompanied by the ‘DDA Workbook’. Completion of these steps allows an individual to set up/facilitate their own DDA meetings locally if they so wish, as they have completed a full DDA Recovery Programme.

  • DDA also runs a 24-hour phone support line.
  • Although we are currently small in size, we go from strength to strength: The University of West London will shortly be publishing an academic study on the effectiveness of DDA Meetings, and they have secured further funding to study the impact of a ‘Social Fund’ for DDA members to take part in more activities away from meetings.
  • To date, we have already run:
    • 2 DDA Retreats
    • 1 DDA Bowling Night
    • 1 DDA Christmas Dinner!
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