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Welcome to Dual Recovery Anonymous (UK)...

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What exactly is meant by a spiritual program

It is not as I feared when getting on board with DDA…

It is not a religious program and has no dogma.

When I first joined fellowship I feared that this might be some kind of cult or religious order.

Not so!

It’s about a God, or Higher Power, of your own understanding & conception!

This is about freedom and not enslavement. About open-mindedness, not dogma. DDA does not require you to believe in anything other than the collective power that comes from developing a healthy support network within our fellowship, our meetings, and working through our programme.

I needed to ask my self am I the be-all and end-all of the Universe?

The obvious answer for me was no!

However, I needed to consider what more there might be in the world that was greater and more powerful than either my addiction or mental health?

So I did!

In time I came to believe that I compromise of at least two components.

Physicality and spirituality.

I am physical of course but my essence is not.

I am spiritual in essence like everyone else on this Earth!

Next in this thought process was to develop the idea and belief that the essence of me is universal and ONE.

That’s how it was for me and it may be different for others but the universality of life and soul is one that works for me.

For others – decide what works for you?

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