DDA Honours & Achievements | Dual Diagnosis Anonymous (UK)

DDA Honours & Achievements

  • DDA are members of the All Parliamentary Working Group on Dual Diagnosis, which takes place quarterly at The House of Lords.
  • DDA won a National ‘Insight’ Award for ‘Listening to People’ in 2018 – this is a Big Lottery-funded, peer led organisation that promotes and recognises excellence in peer-run services.
  • DDA has been repeat-funded by Ealing Council for 4 years running, despite ongoing times of Austerity and restricted budgets.
  • The University of West London (UWL) are about to have published an academic, funded study on the Effectiveness of DDA Meetings (Milani, Nahar 2019). Findings of the study show that DDA attendees perceived that DDA had a positive impact on 5 key areas:
    • -Acceptance of self, of others and from others
    • -Social Functioning
    • -Self-Development
    • -Recovery Progression
    • -Feelings of Hope
  • Representatives of DDA and UWL presented this study at the International Lisbon Addictions Conference, 2019.
  • A subsequent (funded) study by UWL and Pacific University (USA) is currently researching the effect of Zoom
  • meetings for DDA attendees in America and the UK.
  • DDA has been featured in articles in National Publications ‘Drink and Drug News (DDN)’ and ‘Pavement’
  • magazine and also presented to State-wide Health Boards in Oregon, USA, alongside DDA USA.
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